If you wish to join in this exciting and challenging discipline of the shooting sports, you will need the following:

  • Be a member of a shooting club which is affiliated with IPSC. ¬†Look at the list in Club Links.
  • Join IPSC as an individual member. ¬†Members are also encouraged to join SSAA.
  • Own a suitable handgun (centre-fire in 9mm, .38 super, .357, .357 Sig or .38), with holster and belt and also speed loaders (for revolver) or magazines (for semi-auto).
  • Pass the holster safety and proficiency test at your club.
  • Enjoy!

You may download the SSAA Membership application form, or apply online here.

To join IPSC Victoria, go to the Membership Portal on the IPSC Australia website and click the Member Join button..