NROI Representative for Victoria – Daniel Winnick

Call for ROs – 2017 VIC SSMs


On several occasions at matches around the State we have seen NROIA officials working who were not properly dressed in their NROIA uniform. We want to look good and consistent to the rest of the IPSC shooting community.

That’s why you will find our dresscode here for future reference.

NROIA shirt

– NROIA crest on right hand chest

– name of official embroidered on left hand chest centered above pocket

– IPSC crest on right shoulder

– Official’s Region flag on left shoulder

– Shirt to be tucked into trousers!

Navy blue trousers, either long or short

– NO blue jeans!

Matching socks and Sporting shoes or boots

– NO flipflops!

This is the basic uniform. It needs not to be mentioned but I do so nevertheless – take care that the uniform is clean and looks good. If a shirt or trousers are worn out please replace them before it becomes embarrasing. The Range Master of the matches where you work will have the right to ask you to change uniform if you do not comply with the dress code.

Another point of attention: it is not allowed to shoot while wearing your uniform. Change shirts when you are at the very same day shooting AND officiating.

7.3.2 [snip ..] Persons who are certified Range Officials, but who are actually participating in the match as regular competitors, have no standing or authority as Range Officials for that match. Such persons should therefore not participate in the match wearing garments bearing Range Official insignia.